GPXTrackMap: Introduction

GPXTrackMap is a Content Plugin for Joomla! (tested on Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x).

It displays GPS tracks in the common GPX format on maps, preferrably those from, by assembling Javascript code that uses the OpenLayers API.

Here's an example of what this looks like - a very nice hiking trail, quite close to where i live, on the OpenTopoMap map layer (introduced in V1.3.2, covers Europe):

8 km, 1 days 2 hrs 43 mins

All you need to do in order to see your GPX track on a map inside your article (like the one you see here), is to write the following code into your article text:


The plugin will find this code in your article, and replace it with the script that will show the map and the track. There are quite some options and settings to fine-tune the track display and the map controls, but for basic usage, that's all you need. See here for a full list of all features, or here for some more examples. See here for an overview of all available map layers (since V1.3.2).

  • Get the latest plugin version from the Download section.

  • Join the Support Forum for support questions (registration and approval required to reduce spam)

  • Read the FAQ's for more!


Thank You's

The idea of the basic working principle is based on Viktor Vogel's great "Simple Image Gallery Extended" (SIGE) plugin. I'm a senior and experienced Delphi/SQL programmer, but i'm still a beginner in PHP - only by intensive studying of Viktor's plugin, and adapting parts of his code, i was able to get GPXTrackMap to work. Thanks, Viktor!

Next, obviously credits go to the developers of the OpenLayers API - the plugin would not be possible without their hard work.

OpenStreetMap is the default source for the maps that the GPS tracks are shown on, so credits naturally go to all the people who contribute their time and efforts to make and maintain those maps! (In the area where i live, the OSM data is simply the best and most detailed source of maps available, beating even it's commercial competitors.)

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to all the folks that develop Joomla! itself - without their work, obviously none of this would be possible at all.


Thanks to Nagy Zoltán for the Hungarian translation!

Thanks to Joachim Makowski for the Polish translation!

Thanks to Sergio for the French translation!

Thanks to Hans Philipsen for the Dutch translation!


So, now... have fun with GPXTrackMap!  

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