GPXTrackMap Examples

Here you can see some examples, showing the different options you can choose in the plugin configuration - and how they will affect the map and track display (or "rendering").

1. Absolutely minimal example

This first example is the absolute basic setting, with nothing but the track and the map. The map is not even interactive, i.e. you can not zoom or pan it, because these (default) settings where disabled here - just to show that you can disable them. This is a bit like just having a "bitmap image" of the track, except that the map is still pulled in "live" from - and is therefore always up-to-date (!).

So should someone, at some time, decide to build another road or highway right through this unique natural reservoire - you would see it here. I really hope that this will never happen!  A "bitmap image" of that same area would -obviously- never change.


Next is a "full-blown" example, with just about every option turned on that you can: Start and End Markers, most of the available map controls, and waypoints in the track file.

It uses a custom color, width and transparency for the track.  

There is a Download button to a ZIP'ped GPX track file (the zip being generated by the plugin!), so you can download the track file.

This example uses the OpenStreetMap CycleMap layer (which looks quite different from the default Mapnik rendering as seen above).

(This track was recorded by a very good friend of mine, on one of his hiking tours. Actually, i wrote the plugin primarily for his upcoming site about his hiking trails - but it has grown to be so universal that i decided to open-source and publish it to all Joomla users - to give at least a little bit back to this great project and its community!)

10.9 km, 1 days 4 hrs 05 mins


3. Example using the Hike & Bike layer with "double" hill shading

This one uses my favourite map rendering from and shows a coordinate grid ("graticule") along with two layers of hill shading (also from Hike & Bike) to give an intense 3D effect:

10.9 km, 1 days 4 hrs 05 mins


4. Zoomed-out example

The following example uses a parameter called "zoomout": By default, the map is centered and scaled automatically to the extents of the track. If you want to have a better overview, you can use the zoomout parameter to - well, zoom the map out by <n> levels. Here i used zoomout=3 (and a different set of markers - a couple of (royalty-free) marker sets come with the plugin).

The map layer used here is basically the Mapnik OSM layer, but it renders the roads in a style that is more common in German maps (called "Mapnik DE" from - you guessed it -

Note 2014-12-21: the Mapnik DE layer currently did not work in versions prior to V1.3.2 due to CORS problems. I have solved the issue in the meantime, so if you want to use the German Mapnik rendering, be sure to get the V1.3.2 version of the plugin!

23.5 km, n/a


5. Last example: "super-zoomout"

This is the exact same track file and preset as above, just with the "zoomout" parameter set to "zoomout=8" - so the non-European visitors amongst you will get a rough idea of where this plugin came to be :-) 

This map also has the "mouse wheel zoom" option enabled, so you can zoom into and out of the map by using the mouse wheel.

Tip: Click the "layer switcher" (the plus sign in the upper right corner), and select the OSM CycleMap layer on this one - you will see a "whole different world" !

23.5 km, n/a



6. Where to go from here?

These examples should give you a good overview of what the plugin can do ( and maybe also what it won't do ;-) ).

Interested? Then your next step should be to look at the Quickstart guide, then download the plugin, and try it out for yourself!

7. Why no Google Maps™ examples?

At the time of writing this, they have a policy of only allowing a certain, limited number of free "page serves" per day (if i have understood that correctly - "i am not a lawyer", and i don't want to meet one. I'm not even a native English speaker, so i may get it all wrong.).

Since i really don't want to run into a situation where i supply this plugin for free to the Joomla community, but have to pay the "G guys" for showcasing my plugin here, i did (and will) not include examples using their map layers.

I hope you understand - Thanks!

(The layers do work, however - with satellite imagery, hybrid mode and all - tested on my private development site - but use them only at your own risk, and whatever will happen - don't blame me!).