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GPXTrackMap Release Notes

V1.4.1 Beta 1 - 2017-09-06

The OpenCycleMap and other map layers from Thunderforest (
now require an API key. Added an option to include this key and get the
map layers to work correctly on http and https.

V1.4.0 Beta 1 - 2017-01-15

Beta version which includes the OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers libs in the
Plugin distribution to allow GTM to work on https servers.

Added "zoomlevel" parameter to set a fixed zoom level. Useful when your
track has only a single trackpoint (and auto-zoom does not work).

V1.3.3 - 2014-12-30

New: Fullscreen switch to toggle the map between normal and fullscreen mode
(see the plugin options / map controls tab)
NOTE: this will not work nicely if you have multiple maps on a single page.
Improved: The "map controls and layers" option page has been split into
"map controls" and "map layers". It just got too long with all those new layers.
Improved: The plugin now outputs it's version number in a comment in the html
output so it'll be easier for me to track down problems on live sites
Fixed: attribution on some of the map layers, changed CC-by-SA to ODbl license

GENERAL NOTE: before using ANY map layer, you should check with the supplier
of the map tiles if it is ok to use their tiles! The one's labelled with
"OpenStreetMap <x>" in the plugin are fine. All others: use at your own risk!

V1.3.2 - 2014-12-22

Added: six new Map Layers:
- Transport, Landscape and Outdoors layers from Thunderforest (Andy Alan),
who also provides the OpenCycleMap:
- MapQuest from
- OpenTopoMap from
- MeMoMaps Public Transport from Melchior Moos,
(IMPORTANT: before using this map layer on a live server, contact
Mr. Moos via his site and ask for his permission!!)

Fixed: Mapnik DE layer had CORS problems, now working again
Fixed: Hike&Bike server has moved to new URL, fixed
Fixed: Hillshading layer now disappears below zoom level of 16 instead of showing pink
tiles. Also the server URL had changed, fixed this as well.
Known issues: Hillshading layer does not work in combination with BING(tm) maps.
I can't for the life of me figure out why...

V1.3.1 -

New: Support for up to three custom map layers added.
for documentation on how to use this.

New: added option to turn Warnings / Errors off (plugin options / advanced settings)

V1.3.0 -

New: Added a switch in the extended plugin parameters to use jQuery instead of mootools
to include the track map. This is needed for some newer J3.2x templates that exclusively
use jQuery and don't use the mootools library at all. Fixes "empty map" problem for
those templates.

Improved: Translation of the plugin made easier: new strings are now always added
at the top of the resp. translation files. A new file called
gpxtrackmap-translation-strings.txt in the plugin directory was added to keep
track of all new strings / translations by version.

Improved: included this file (the release notes) into the plugin distribution

V1.2.3 -

New: added possibility to show "remote" gpx files via URL rather than a local path
on the server

New: added possibility to have waypoint symbols (icons) instead of simple dots

New: added possibility to use BBCode in waypoint popups that get transformed in to HTML,
so it's now possible to have links and images in waypoint popups.

v1.2.2 -

New: a bunch of new parameters to customize the speed and elevation diagrams' axis
rendering are now configureable in the Options

New: in the invocation code, instead of supplying a layout template number (tpl=1)
it's now possible to supply a layout template filename directly (tpl=mytemplate.html)

Fixed: several more checks added for more stability with "strange" gpx files

Fixed: waypoints would show even when they where turned off in the Options

Fixed: exit gracefully when the gpxtracks folder is not writeable

V1.2.1 -

Fixed: several places where "unusual" gpx files could produce errors while parsing

V1.2.0 -

New: GPXTrackMap now officialy supports Joomla 3

Fixed: added CSS styles to circumvent map display problems with some Joomla 2.5 and 3

New: Parameter "Moving speed threshold" (timovespeed) controls which parts of the track are
regarded as "Paused" vs. "in motion" (found in parameter section "Track Info").

New: X axis in elevation and speed diagrams to show distances since track start. Configurable
in parameter section "Elevation diagram" with parameters edxgrid, edxgridunits, edxgridlimit.

New: Fill Mode parameter for elevation and speed diagrams controls if and how the area below
the diagram line gets filled.

New: Waypoint popups can be enabled to show popups on the map when you hover over / click on a
waypoint. The popups can contain the Waypoint name, elevation, timestamp and description.
Configurable in the new parameter section "Waypoints".

V1.1.4 -

Included French translation (thanks to Sergio!)

Added: Parameter "edunits" to show min/max altitudes in elevation diagram in m or ft
(Note: after changing this setting, you must deactivate the "Use cache files" option OR delete the
.svg files in the gpx track folder, so the plugin will re-render the elevation diagrams!)

Added: Ability to render a speed diagram of the track similar to the elevation diagram.
(parameters for that are the same as for the elevation diagram, but all paramater names start with
"spd" instead of "ed")

Added: Lots of new placeholders for the Track Information to be used in Layout Templates:
- "%DISTANCE-NM%" and "%AVGSPEED-KN%" for track distance in nautical miles and
average speed in knots
- "%MAXSPEED-KMH%", "%MAXSPEEDUP-KMH%", "%MAXSPEEDDOWN-KMH%" for the maximum speed overall,
maximum uphill and downhill speeds.
average speed overall, uphill and downhill averages and the average speed whil not paused.
- all the new MAXSPEED and AVGSPEED placeholders are also available in "-MPH" and "-KN" variations
for miles per hour / knots.
- "%DURATIONMOVING%" and "%DURATIONPAUSED%" for the duration parts of the track where the speed
was above (MOVING) or below (PAUSED) 2 km/h.

Added: Layout Template 6. It contains a complete list of all available placeholders for the
Track Information (including the additions as noted above)

Fixed: Zoomout parameter did not work correctly (thanks to Amos for the fix!)
Fixed: parameters from Parameter Presets no longer override individual params in the invocation
Fixed: Choosing the Layout Template (tpl=<n>) is now also possible in a Parameter Preset
(reported by Sergio)
Fixed: Path to the hikebikelayer.js was a local filename instead of a URL (reported by Andreas)

V1.1.3 -

Included Hungarian translation (thanks to Nagy Zoltán!)

Included Polish translation (thanks to Joachim Makowski!)

Fixed: depending on server settings, the 1.1.2 version was unable to show the track
because of a misformed URL for the GPX file (slashes and backslashes in the URL could be mixed up).

V1.1.2 -

Improved error handling: Now reports missing/misspelled gpx file names and exits gracefully.

Improved gpx compatibility: Will now also handle gpx files with just routes and/or waypoints,
but no tracks inside. This includes several checks for possible "div by 0" errors.
(thanks for your help, Steve!)

Fixed: Google Maps(TM) Street and Hybrid layers where mixed up, now rendered correctly.

V1.1.1 -

Included missing index.html in some directories for JED approval

V1.1.0 -

Implemented Layout Template system to make custom styling easier

Added Elevation Diagram. Can render a SVG file containing the altitude profile
of the track

Added Track Infos. The Plugin can parse the GPX file to extract statistical infos like
track length, duration, min/max elevation etc. and display them above or below the map.

Added Hike&Bike map as base layer option

Added Graticule option to show coordinate grid

Added Hillshading overlay for 3d-style rendering

V1.0.1 -

Added ability to customize script source urls for the OpenLayers, OSM and Google scripts

Display of waypoints (if found inside gpx file) is now customizable (radius, color) and can
be switched on or off

V1.0.0 - first stable realease (2012-12-12)