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New version 1.2.3 (beta) + new workflow tutorial

fingeradmin created the topic: New version 1.2.3 (beta) + new workflow tutorial

10 years 8 months ago

Hi folks,

there is a new 1.2.3 (beta) version of the plugin available (download link below). It includes some new features based on recent requests / suggestions here in the forum.

I have not updated the "options reference" part of the documentation yet, because i'd like to have some feedback from you first (does it work? what doesn't work?).

In parallel, i have written quite a detailed "workflow tutorial" for the plugin which you can find here . That should get you going with the new features:

  • you can have custom symbols for Waypoints on the track
  • using e.g. BaseCamp, you can have links and images (and some basic formatting) in the Waypoint popups

The plugin will now also work with URLs to the GPX tracks (rather than relative, local filenames), if (and only IF!) the URLs actually resolve to local paths on your server.

Please try it, and report back here any issues you may find.

(honestly, please do so - i would really like to make an "official" release version of the plugin soon, instead of yet another beta ;) )

You can download the V1.2.3 (Beta2) here .

Have fun!
cheers, Frank

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