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Back from Morocco + a short Roadmap for the plugin

fingeradmin created the topic: Back from Morocco + a short Roadmap for the plugin

11 years 2 months ago

Hi there,

i just arrived back from an awesome two-week holiday trip through Morocco. Something i had dreamt of doing for a long time, that finally became true: 2800 km of tarmac, dust and rock tracks across the High Atlas, Sahara and Anti Atlas region with a 4x4 - WOW!!! (needless to say i recorded every inch of that trip with my GPS, more on that soon... ;) )

- thanks for your patience in the meantime!

As for the Plugin:
I plan to do a "bugfix" release soon (end of next week) with some smaller issues addressed (Zoomout, elevation diagram units) and the French translation by Sergio included, plus a complete parameter reference (documentation).

If it turns out to be easily doable, i want to include support for tracks in KML format, too - but probably without the Track Infos, since extracting them relies heavily on the GPX format (and i don't know the KML format well).

Next i want to look into some of the suggestions you have made, and see what and how i can implement. I can't do all of it (myself), as my knowledge of PHP, OpenLayers and Javascript (and the combination of that) is still rather limited. BUT: feel very free to contribute any code you write - as i said before, this is not *my* plugin, it is meant as a community project for all the GPS fans out there who want to share their tracks. I just laid the base here, and i would be delighted if some folks would pick it up and develop it into something better, more powerful and useful as it is now...

...gonna get some sleep now, and dream of those moroccan "high" "ways" (recorded max altitude was ~2800m) :)


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