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New Beta 1.3.2 - H&B/Hillshading servers moved!

fingeradmin created the topic: New Beta 1.3.2 - H&B/Hillshading servers moved!

9 years 5 months ago

Hello out there,

i have just uploaded a new version of the plugin. Please read:


the tile servers for the Hike&Bike map as well as the Hill Shading layers have moved to new URLs. The old servers were still working until ~two weeks ago, but they are gone now. :pinch:

If you use the plugin with "hill shading" enabled, or with the Hike&Bike map as default layer, it's time to act: they don't work any more! (thanks to Steven and Karl for the hints!)

Also, the German Mapnik-DE rendering had an issue with CORS that i have been able to solve.

I strongly recommend to download and install the new 1.3.3 beta version from the Download section on the left. Should that fail for whatever reason, just re-install v1.3.1.

EDIT 2015-01-01: the V1.3.2 beta has been replaced with V1.3.3 beta 2, this includes a nice new Fullscreen Mode feature as requested here in the forum (see other thread by Johan).

New map layers

Apart from the fixed URLs, this version also includes a set of six new OSM-based map layers that you can try out. (I really love the OpenTopoMap, sadly it only covers europe...)

I can't promise each of them will make it into the final v1.3.2 release version yet, since some of the new tile server providers have Terms of Use that i don't quite get ("ianal").

I really hope i have gotten the attribution on those maps right, that's a "can of worms" in it's own right... :dry:

I'll try to get in contact with the tile providers and clarify that - in the meantime:

Use at your own risk!

have fun, and Merry Christmas to all of you! :)

cheers, Frank

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