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GPS position and track direction

brenot created the topic: GPS position and track direction

7 years 10 months ago

This plugin is fantastic.
I use it for few months on my website ( MorvanVTT.fr ), with more that 140 tracks displayed.
Two things would be very useful :
1) show direction of the track, with arrows on it (each 3 kilometers for example, or another configurable distance). Most of my tracks are loops, with same position for start and end. Visitors don't know where to go first (see attachments for example).
2) add a button (like fullscreen button) to enable / disable GPS position : it would be wonderful on mobile.
- enable position : map is centered on the GPS position.
- disable position : map can be moved around the track. If gps position is to far of the track, user have to zoom out to find it again.
Bonus : And why not another button to change map orientation : north up/ direction up...
Tnaks again for the plugin !


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