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Elevation Colors

tux created the topic: Elevation Colors

7 years 6 months ago

I'm having a strange behaviour that has appears suddenly within GPXTrackMAP: The elevation colours from the plugin, changed individually:

This track is using the elevation colors (red / green) as I have set it within the plugin for all the tracks: tinyurl.com/z2ccjws

I created a few new articles, using the same plugin and they show a different elevation colour (dark and light green instead of red) :huh: tinyurl.com/zfvlvx7

Nothing has changed. I update Joomla and all the plugins all the time. I'm using the latest version of the GPXTrackMap plugin (1.3.3 beta 2) and I'm also using the same GPS device as ever.

Strange enough, when I change the colours in the plugin, the colours don't change in the articles. I've cleared all the Joolmacache, browsercahe etc. and tested a lot of things, but I can't figure out what goes wrong.

Anybody any idea?


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