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Link in waypoint

fingeradmin replied the topic: Link in waypoint

7 years 2 weeks ago


there are two ways to include links in waypoint descriptions:
one via the [url... BBCode and one via the [link... tag that e.g. Basecamp uses.

The BBCode is done in this block of code:

$bbcode = array(
            "/\[br\]/is" => "<br />",
            "/\[b\](.*?)\[\/b\]/is" => "<strong>$1</strong>",
            "/\[u\](.*?)\[\/u\]/is" => "<u>$1</u>",
            "/\[i\](.*?)\[\/i\]/is" => "<i>$1</i>",
            "/\[code\](.*?)\[\/code\]/is" => "<pre>$1</pre>",
            "/\[quote\](.*?)\[\/quote\]/is" => "<blockquote>$1</blockquote>",
            "/\[url\=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/url\]/is" => "<a href='$1' target='_self'>$2</a>",
            "/\[img\](.*?)\[\/img\]/is" => "<img src='$1' alt='' />"

The [link... stuff is handled a few lines down:
          if ($this->_params['wppopupdescbb'] == 1) {
            $bbcode = array(
              "/\[link".$linkno."\](.*?)\[\/link".$linkno."\]/is" => "<a href='".$wpthref."' target='_blank'>$1</a>");

If you change both places to target='_self' it should work the way you want.

I'm using the BBCode version in my project about panorama pictures from Morocco here on my main site: pano maroc
The popups on the maps all have links on the images, and they all go to the same browser tab.

hth & cheers, Frank

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hikeguy55 created the topic: Link in waypoint

7 years 3 weeks ago

Hello Frank,
I've read and tested the forum topic "Link auf waypoint", but I can't get it to work the way I want.
Scrapping target=_blanc in line 1097 in the gpxtrackmaps.php file, or replacing it with target=_self doesn't work.The link in the popup always opens in a new window.
When I look at the code with the developer tools of my browser, I notice that the link still has the target=_blanc attribute, although I changed it in the gpxtrackmaps.php file.
When i change _blanc to _self in the developer tool, then the link opens in the same window.
Any idea why it won't work?

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