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Use color of track from gpx file

koppie7 created the topic: Use color of track from gpx file

3 years 11 months ago

In your gpxtrackmap.php there is a part (line 1013 - 1026) where you mention the use of the track from Garmin files. It's commented out (see below) for use in version 1.2.5, which isn't availablble (yet).

//V1.2.5 auto track color from Garmin files
//    <extensions>
//      <gpxx:TrackExtension>
//        <gpxx:DisplayColor>DarkGray</gpxx:DisplayColor>
//      </gpxx:TrackExtension>
//    </extensions>
//      if ($this->_params['trackcolor']=='auto') {
//        foreach ($trk->extensions as $trkexts) {
//          foreach ($trkexts->gpxx:TrackExtension as $trkext) {
//          }
//        }
//      }

I would appreciate this option very much, so yo can add two tracks in one file with different colors. For example to add an abbreviation of a track if you don't want to walk 19 km but just 14 km.

I tried to remove the // in this part (or only the php-part, not the extensions part) but than the plugin doesn't work anymore.
Should I do something more or is it just not ready yet?

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