How to include Track Maps into an article

First of all, upload your GPX file to the GPX root folder on your server - let's say your file is called "myfirsttrack.gpx".

Open the article in the Article Manager. Go to the place where you want the map to appear.

Write the following code into the article (the so-called "invocation code"):


If you have uploaded the file to a subfolder of your GPX root folder - let's say "hiking", then include the path here like this:


IMPORTANT: make sure there are NO HTML tags between the beginning and end of the invocation code - that is, between the first "{" and the last "}".

Save your article, then go to the article in the Front-End of your site, and see the result. If you don't see a map, but the invocation code instead, then go back to the editor and remove the html tags inside the invocation code (!). 

To do this, it is best to turn your "WYSIWIG"-Editor (TinyMCE, JCE) OFF for a moment. Here's how to do this in JCE:


...and here for TinyMCE (here the button is located BELOW the actual editor):


You will likely see something like this (especially if you have copy-pasted the code from this page :-) ): 


The red parts are those we want, while the blue parts are HTML tags that we don't want, because they make the plugin unable to find the invocation code. Clear out the blue stuff so it will look like this:


Nice and clean! Now save the article, go back to the Front-End view and refresh the page. Et voilá - a map!

(You can afterwards turn the WYSIWIG editor back on again using the same "Toggle" control to write the rest of the article).