Individual Map & Track stylings

If you want a single Track Map on your site to look and behave different from what you have set in the plugin options, there are two ways to do this:

Individual Parameter overrides (as documented below), and Using Parameter Presets (preferred)


Individual Parameter overrides

Both methods use an extended syntax in the invocation code, like this:


The map will be shown just like set in the plugin options, BUT with a width of 300px.

Almost every option can be changed here on a per-map/track-basis. You can change multiple settings like this: 


Tip: to find out the parameter name of each setting, hover with your mouse over the label of the setting in the plugin options:




The first word in the second line of the tooltip is always the name of the parameter.

This way you can style each Track Map on your site differently, if you want.

But there is also a much more clever way to do the same, and keep things consistent:


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