Options: Track download link settings


Select if you want to have a link to download the GPX track file.

parameter name: dl

possible values: 0 : no link - 1 : show link


Note: the code for the download link or button will replace the %TRACKDOWNLOAD% placeholder in the Layout Template, so if you use a customized template file, make sure it includes this placeholder.


The text that will appear in the download link or button. A "%s" in the text will be replaced by the filename of your track file (without the folder, just the "naked" filename)

parameter name: dltext

value: a text with (optionally) a "%s" in it (without the quotes) as a placeholder for the filename


3. Download as ZIP

The plugin can automatically zip your GPX track files to make downloading them easier(*).

parameter name: dlzip

values: 0 : no zip - 1 : use zipped downloads

(*) when you just put a link to a GPX file on your site, and people click on it, most browsers will just display the contents of the GPX file. This will probably confuse your site's visitors! (it did confuse me when i first saw that...)

They can then go and "Save as..." the GPX file to their harddisk. However, many users will not know this. They will just not know what to do - they will expect a file to be downloaded into their Downloads folder. Turn on this option, and the plugin will automatically create a ZIP file containing your track, which users can download "like they know it".

Besides that, the ZIP file is naturally a lot smaller and faster to download then the GPX file.

Note #1: If you have access to the .htaccess file on your server, you can add the following line to it - that should circumvent the problem and should cause the .gpx files to be downloaded rather then be displayed in the browser:

AddType application/octet-stream .gpx

Note #2: the ZIP file will be created only once, the first time that the map is shown in a browser. It is NOT re-created every time the page is shown (for performance reasons).

This also means that, if you CHANGE your GPX file and re-upload it to your server, you should DELETE the ZIP file - or it will still contain the old version(!). (You can just delete the ZIP file because the plugin will re-create it, if it can't find it.)


The link type can either be just a text link or a button.

parameter name: dltype

values:  0 : text link - 1 : button


An (optional) css class attribute for the download link.

parameter name: dlclass


An (optional) css style attribute for the download link.

parameter name: dlstyle