Options: Map layers


1. Hillshading

parameter name: maphillshading

Values: 0 = OFF, 1 = single, 2 = double (for a stronger 3d effect)

Shows a single or double overlay of "hill shading" giving the map a 3d-look (made available by http://hikebikemap.de using NASA SRTM3 v2 data, see also here). Note this has little effect in "flat" areas (like the northern parts of Germany or the Netherlands), so you may want to use the "double" option here, while it is best set to "single" for tracks in the Alps or the Rocky Mountains.


2. Enable Google Maps™

parameter name: enablegooglemaps

values: 0 = OFF, 1 = ON

Enables the Google Maps™ layers for the following two settings. Before enabling this, make sure you have read and understood their Terms of Service


3. Default map layer

parameter name: maplayer

Hint: For an overview of what each of the map layers look like, see the Map layers showcase!


0: OpenStreetMap Mapnik (the default OSM layer)

1: OpenStreetMap CycleMap (OSM layer with common biking routes and different rendering)

2: OpenStreetMap MapNik "DE" (OSM layer with "German style" rendering)

3: OpenStreetMap Hike & Bike (from http://hikebikemap.de), very nice rendering for - well, hiking and biking :-)

4: GoogleMaps™ Street ("just" the streets)

5: GoogleMaps™ Physical (Topo-style + streets)

6: GoogleMaps™ Hybrid (streets + satellite imagery)

7: GoogleMaps™ Satellite (satellite imagery only)

8: Custom Map Layer #1

9: Custom Map Layer #2

10: Custom Map Layer #3

11: OSM Transport by Thunderforest (Andy Allan)

12: OSM Landscape by Thunderforest (Andy Allan)

13: OSM Outdoors by Thunderforest (Andy Allan) 

14: MapQuest from MapQuest.com

15: OpenTopoMap from OpenTopoMap.org (very nice, but covers Europe only)

16: MeMoMaps Public Transport (NOTE: check with Mr. Moos for his permission before using his tiles on a public site!)

Selects the map layer that will be shown by default. If you disable the "layer switcher", or don't select any layers in the following parameter, this will be the only available layer (read note below!). 

GENERAL NOTE: before using ANY map layer, you should check with the supplier of the map tiles if it is ok to use their tiles for your project or site! The ones labelled with "OpenStreetMap <x>" in the plugin are fine (#0..#3). All others: use at your own risk!


4. Selectable map layers

parameter name: maplayers

Multi-select the layers that the "layer switcher" will allow you to switch to.