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GPXTrackMap workflow

In this tutorial, we'll see how to prepare a gpx track for presentation on your website using GPXTrackMap. We'll be using Garmin BaseCamp (here: on Windows) to edit the track file, and add in waypoints. In the final result, you can click the Waypoint icon (the photo symbol) on the map to pop up some more information for your users, with links and images.

This is a "live preview" of what it will look like in the end: 


23.5 km, 1 days 1 hrs 40 mins


I assume you have BaseCamp installed, have your maps installed, and you have downloaded your recorded track from your GPS device onto your PC.

( There are several ways how to transfer the recorded GPX tracks from your device to your PC. You can do it directly in BaseCamp - i usually do it simply with the Explorer and copy the .gpx files over to my "work directory", and then import them into BaseCamp. This is not primarily a BaseCamp tutorial, though - no matter how you do it, you should finally see something like on the next page.)

All right, let's start with "cleaning up" the track.