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WPT Symbol mappings

In the Symbol mappings, we're telling the plugin which icon file to show for which waypoint symbol. I don't know whether it is allowed to use the Garmin symbol icons, so for the time being i rather use my own. The syntax for entries here is:


You can enter multiple mappings like this:


for example:

Flag, blue|Flag, green=%GPXDIR%/myflagicon.png,16,16

so you can enter multiple symbol names separated by a "|" pipe character. (I would have liked to separate them with a "," comma, but some of the BaseCamp symbols already have a comma in their name, hence the "|" pipe.)

In the filenames, you can use the placeholders %GPXDIR%, %PLUGINDIR% and %TEMPLATEDIR% as described here

One little problem here is that you need to know which symbol NAME BaseCamp writes into the GPX file - it only shows the symbol, but not the symbol name. (BaseCamp does show the symbol name in the Waypoint properties editor, when you hover with the mouse over the symbol icon - like in the screenshot above - so you may want to remember that and write it down when you edit the waypoint in BaseCamp.) 

The GPX file on the other hand only includes the name, but not the symbol itself... so, if you're not sure, simply open up the GPX file with a text editor (like Notepad++), and see what's in the <sym> tag:

(Note: if you use a text editor to directly edit your GPX files, make sure it supports the UTF-8 encoding!)



This is the exact text that you have to enter in the Symbol mappings before the "=" equal sign: "Scenic Area". Note that this is case sensitive: "Scenic Area" is not the same as "scenic area".