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Editing the track: waypoint descriptions

To have text in the waypoint popups, you can enter that in the "Notes" tab of the Waypoint editor:




The bad news is: BaseCamp will only allow plain text here - no formatting ( bold / italic / underline ), no links in the text, and no images. You can add Web Links with the button below (and the plugin can show them, too), but you can't give them "human-readable" names.

(The reason for all those limitations probably lies in the fact that GPX is an XML format, so having HTML tags in the description would break the XML structure. The way around this - putting the description in a #CDATA tag - is currently not supported in BaseCamp.)

However, i used a "workaround" so that you can at least do some basic formatting, and include links and images in the waypoint popups in the plugin. It is basically a subset of BBCode: the main "trick" is to use square brackets [ ] instead of html < > tag markers.

BBCode Examples:

(You should scale your images so they will fit into the popup window; in the plugin options you can set the maximum width and height of the popups accordingly.)

So, the "spiced up" version of our waypoint description finally looks like this:




You can of course have multiple Waypoints, but for this tutorial one example should do.

Next, we'll finally upload and publish the track.