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Filtering out unnecessary Trackpoints

For my personal taste, there are still a bit too many trackpoints left (as you can see in the statistics, or by looking at the little black dots on your track).

One thing that's important to understand is this:

Having (too) many trackpoints doesn't make your track better - it only makes it bigger (larger file size = bigger download, and more time the plugin needs to calculate the Track Information, and render the diagrams = valuable server time).

So let's reduce the number of track points to a reasonable amount:

Click the "Filter..." button and set the maximum number of points to keep:




This is not an exact setting - i entered 300, but after applying the filter i had only 206 trackpoints left. Anyway, i'm quite happy with the result: as you can see looking at the tiny black dots, there are trackpoints where you need them (turns, corners, crossings etc.), but BaseCamp removed a lot of really unnecessary trackpoints (see the long straight in the circle). So it does a pretty good job here:




If you are not happy with your results, just use "Edit" / "Undo" from the menu and try again with different numbers of trackpoints. There is no "golden rule" here as to how many trackpoints you should keep: It greatly depends on the overall length (distance) of the track, the travel speed (walking / cycling / by car), and the recording frequency of your GPS device, so you'll really have to just try it out.

Next, let's add in a Waypoint, and see what we can do with it.