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Waypoint symbol placement

By default, the plugin will show the waypoint symbol centered on the coordinates of the waypoint (like BaseCamp does that, too). If you use symbols that "point" to a position that's not in the center of the symbol, or you don't want the symbol to cover the exact position of the waypoint, you can use the optional, extended "[,<LeftOffset>,<TopOffset>]" syntax for the mappings. Here you can specify where the "hot spot" of your symbol is.



In the above example i used one of the standard track markers that come with the plugin. They are 24x24 px, and they all "point" to a position in the lowermost center of the symbol. The image shows the bounding box of the symbol in red, and the exact coordinate of the waypoint is at the intersection of the yellow lines. To position the symbol this way, you need to write this into the symbol mappings:

Scenic Area=%PLUGINDIR%/markers/marker4-white.png,24,24,12,24

So, the offset setting of ",12,24" will shift the symbol "hot spot" 12 pixels left and 24 pixels down from the top left corner of the symbol ( which is at 1,1 ). If you had a symbol like a standard mouse pointer that points to the upper left corner, you would use "1,1" as offsets. If you had an arrow that points to the lower right corner, you would use the same values for the offsets as you use for the width and height of the symbol.

 Now save the Plugin options and go back to your article in the frontend to see the outcome.

Let's see the final result now...